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My Descent MK1 never syncs with Connect Mobile after the first few!!!

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  • My Descent MK1 never syncs with Connect Mobile after the first few!!!

    I have a new Descent MK1. I pair it with my iphoneX on the latest iOS (11.2.6), and it pairs with no issues. It usually will sync that first time successfully with Connect Mobile.

    After that, it never syncs successfully. It is paired just fine. It shows connected in the Connect Mobile app, and notifications come in with no problem. It just never syncs. I manually initiate one through app, and it starts, but then fails after 10-15 seconds or so every time. The automated syncs all fail, too.

    Looking at the sync logs on the device, it always shows some variation of: "Error Domain=GCMSyncErrorDomain Code=2 'Device connection error'"

    The only way I get a sync to work is to connect directly to my Mac and do it through Garmin Express.

    I have factory reset the watch multiple times. I have re-installed Connect Mobile multiple times. I have even tried creating a different Garmin account from scratch and connecting in that way.

    In all cases, the pairing works fine, but syncs stop working after that first one or two syncs.

    Any help is much appreciated....I am very frustrated that I bought a high-end device that cannot sync with any success (like just about another other non-garmin brand device does).


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    I'm Having the exact same issue as the OP.

    Descent MK1 - FW2.20
    iPhone X - iOS 11.2.6
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      Have you tried older versions of GCM to see if its GCM version specific? It could be your ios version but...
      I'm running an older version. 4.1.11 that dosen't have all the latest problems, ( apart from weight card effecting all versions.)
      I'd give it a go,
      I can post a link if you like...
      Can you roll back on IOS?( I'm on android)
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        Thank you for your reply!

        So I dusted off the the "old Android" .... Rolled back to version 4.1.11 as you suggested and factory reset the watch. After about the fourth try it seems to be syncing with my android device!!
        Note 8 7.1.1
        GCM 4.1.11

        However, doesn't even want to pair with the iPhone now, never mind sync! :-(


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          Ok, so after my run this morning, the Descent also did not sync with my Android anymore.

          To get it to just pair with my iPhone again (kept failing to pair), I had to;

          1. Factory reset watch
          2. Completely remove the watch from my Garmin Account
          3. Delete the GCM app on my iPhone and re-install

          Got it to pair and the initial sync also worked, but not sure this is the solution though!?

          iPhone X iOS 11.2.6
          Descent MK1 FW 2.20
          GCM 4.4

          Garmin, please attend to this issue!!


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            dashmo, were you able to sort out your sync issues with the Descent?

            I’m still having the same issues!


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              Are you sure you are logged into the same account/email address with the GCM on the iPhone and Garmin Express on the Mac?

              I broke syncing between my Descent MK1 and my iPhone when I accidentally attempted to log into Garmin Express with the wrong email address. Even though I didn't log in successfully, and I don't even have a Garmin account with the other email address, Garmin Express registered the Descent with that email address and I could no longer sync.

              Product Support had to do something on the back end to remove the invalid email address.