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Garmin Connect Sync on iOS 11

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  • I have had my Fenix 3 for more than two years, it has been the best Garmin device I have ever owned (except I needed to replace ad dead one once).
    Last months I am mostly unable to communicate between iPhone X and Fenix 3. Phone says connected in Bluetooth settings, Fenix 3 even says Connected when rebooting it but nothing inside Garmin Connect.
    Fenix 3 | Edge 1000 | Nüvi 3597LMT | GPSMap 276C | iQue 3600


    • Is Garmin even considering fixing this?

      I bought the watch and thought I got something well designed, it turns out not doing the basic update automatically.
      Most of the time the weather information is not available, and after a sport activity it won't sync until I do it manually from the phone (iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 11).

      In the future I am definitely going to Apple Watch, no reason to get a smart watch that is dumb.


      • I use the Fenix 5x and up to last week all was Hunky Dory with the app, however now the "My Device" screen is firmly parked just out of sight at the bottom of the screen & the app hasn't synced for 4 days now. It seems ridiculous that this app has constant problems.


        • Fenix 3 - 8.70
          iPhone 8 iOS 11.2.5
          Garment Connect 4.3

          I'm having the same issue now, I've had no problems for the past 3 months. I still receive smart notifications, but when I hit sync – nothing happens. Looking in the sync log, it appears that device connects, but no data is transferred.

          Fix it.


          • Garmin Forerunner 235. New as of Friday. Updated to version 7.60

            Iphone 6. IOS is up to date.

            Garmin Connect.

            Watch is connected. Apps and faces installed no problem. Messages from phone to watch come through ok. However, nothing is going back from the watch to the App. Syncing manually does nothing. No data.

            No sleep, steps or any activities are syncing back to the App. After 1.5 hrs on the phone this morning to Garmin Support I'm no further. Very disappointed so far. Tempted to send the watch back as it doesn't do what it says on the tin.


            • Same issue here. Must close Connect and then reopen for it to sync. Otherwise, the app says it's not connected even though Bluetooth claims it is. It syncs immediately after reopening Garmin Connect.
              Michael Cleveland
              Mettmenstetten, Switzerland


              • Fenix 3 - 8.70

                iP7+ using iOS 11.2.5
                iPadPro using iOS 11.2.5

                Garmin Connect 4.3.0

                Can sync. my runs on both devices BUT
                unable to edit them since 2.9.18 > GRRRRR ..........

                eta also posted in another thread here, more is better IMO.

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                • Same Problems Garmin Fenix 2 w/ and ios 11.2.5 - bluetooth sync does not work. Send my Garmin back to vendor received new Garmin fenix 2. Still not working. #nothappy