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Smart notifications not working Fenix 5s

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  • Smart notifications not working Fenix 5s

    Hi! I just switched phones to a Huawei P20 Pro from a Samsung S7. Smart notifications were previously working and on the new phone now they do not. Sync with Garmin connect works just fine on the new phone. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Garmin connect and also factory resetting my Fenix 5s and have done both of these steps alone and in combination. I have also already checked the smart notification presets and ensured they are on.... Why did it once work and now not work ? Running updated firmware and software for both.

    Extremely disappointed right now. Any and all help much welcomed.

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    Just to be sure, in the Garmin Connect app, does the "Phone" permission is shown as "Enabled" or "Disabled" ?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and despite Garmin Connect has all permissions checked in the phone settings, the "Phone" permission in the Garmin connect app still shows as "Disabled" that's why I don't get any notification.


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      My 935 (11.57 Beta) is also not pairing with P20 Pro (8.1.0). Have tried older versions of Connect, some other tricks suggested in other threads but no success.. the issue started about 3 days ago. Please help!


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        I have a similar problem as having moved from iPhone 5c with all smart notifications, incoming calls and texts showing on my fenix 5s plus, I have now bought a Samsung Galaxy A7 2018. All permissions are on and the watch syncs ok with Garmin Connect but none of the smart watch features are working.
        Tried reinstalling Connect and updating software on fenix but still no difference.
        £600 watch + £300 phone = disappointment!


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          You need to activate the notification from the phone, on notification/special authorization


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            I am also experiencing problems receiving notifications. I have recently bought a forerunner 235 and have a Huawei P20 lite. Everything else appears to be fine other than i cannot receive notifications on the watch. Any help would be appreciated.
            I can't work out how to do what the above post (thebesteverandever) suggests on the Huawei.


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              I have the S60 golf watch and it only stays connected maybe 30% of the time .And only if I restart my phone.LG G6 ,8.0.0.I have several devices connected to my phone and all work seamlessly .
              My smartwatch is not very smart????
              Definitely disappointing for an expensive watch. Garmin not much help and my posts seem to dissapear. I continue to post so maybe a fix will be found although I am not expecting one as I have been at this for months already . It's not even that great a golf watch as I get missed shots and incorrect yardages.


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                I only recently got Smart Notifications working for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Try this
                Open Connect App, click on the pic of the watch top right ie Devices, Click on the watch pic again in the Devices List and then go to Display Options. Where it says Visible Widgets, make sure Notifications are switched on here. (Scroll down for Weather etc.) Hope this worked it worked for me.