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  • Export fit/tcx-file from app

    My last activity was uploaded to the connect app, then I accidentally rebooted the 630 forerunner and it started up with another watch face resulting in all activities being lost in the watch. The last activity is in the app but not on the connect homepage. I can't see any cogwheel in the app so how can I export the activity, or how get the app to sync with the connect homepage?

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    I'm not getting this, a reboot of the forerunner 630 can not delete all the activities on your watch and change the watch face, only a master reset can do that. Also, what's in the Garmin connect app is also on the Garmin connect website and vise versa. If I delete an activity on the app, it's also deleted on the website and the same goes for an activity on the website, if you delete it there, it's also being deleted on the app.
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      Exactly, that's what I thought too. Problems started when I installed the connect app on my tablet and synched the same watch to both tablet and mobile. Mobile connect had years of data, tablet started from scratch with only that one activity. From then on it seemed the watch could only synch to one of them, but as you say over time the contents will be the same but the history won't show up on the tablet connect app.
      Anyway, can I somehow export the fit-file from the app?