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Missing IQ data in Connect App and Connect Web

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  • Missing IQ data in Connect App and Connect Web

    I noticed today (last 12 hours) that the activities in Connect and Web Connect are not associating with the IQ apps that were used for the activity and the associated IQ data is not shown in the Connect activity. For example, both runs below were using Dozen Run and Heart Monitor data fields and I viewed the extra data last night and all the data was there. As of today, none of the data is visible and the link(s) to the IQ apps are missing. It is likely Garmin are aware of this. I have been getting feedback (US and Europe) that users are not seeing there IQ data. This seemed to have started after this January 15 UTC 22:00.

    I check on multiple platforms and different internet connections all the same result.

    Yesterday Evening run using Dozen run with Heart Monitor data field

    Sunday Run using Dozen run with Heart Monitor data field

    @GCMSupport @Garmin-Joey
    Author of Dozen data fields and Elliptical App.

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    I'm seeing similar. I use both Stryd and Garmin running power connect iq data fields and none of the connect iq graphs are visible, although the other data from the rd pod is still visible. I can however see that the data has been recorded as the runs along with power data have made their way to Stryd power centre.

    I guess Garmin are having a problem with the connect iq platform.


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      Similar here - but a bit different: IQ-Data (e.g. Steps to Fit) are still visible in GC Android App - but on Homepage (Firefox Windows 7-10) I cant't see them anymore!
      (In the moment, I have both in front of me and can compare)

      Additionally: Also some other data fields IMHO have gone: I remember, having seen the automatically calculated step lengt (Original Garmin Field) of "walks with GPS" some days ago in Homepage (NOT in Android App). Now, I can't find it anymore.

      I noticed that yesterday evening. Some days ago, everything was still OK.

      EDIT: It's stupid!:
      When I answered here first, I compared the activities, I made yesterday. And for yesterday, all IQ Data that had been stored, are still there in GC Android APP, but NOT visible anymore on Web Homepage!
      Today, I made some new activities. And NOW, also in GC Android App, it's no more possible to see the Connect IQ Date "Steps to FIT"!!

      Garmin : What did you do!!!!!
      Last edited by Miaz; 01-17-2019, 05:01 AM.


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        I had to edit my input. It's annoying!


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          I am having the same problem.
          I previously installed the Connect IQ App "Running Power" by GarminLabs on my Fenix 5 to record the power data field during my runs into Garmin Connect. I went for a run yesterday and the power was not recorded so I was wondering what was going on... I double-checked on some previous runs from last week where I knew the power had previously been recorded (as I had checked it after completing my runs), and all the power data had been removed: I can't see any of it either on the mobile app or on the website.
          No sure what is going on but I suspect an issue with Garmin Connect...

          Garmin : Fix please?


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            Same here. All data from Stryd and my TRIMP-Meter is gone in connect online and mobile app. In Stryd community on FB I've read that Garmin knows about issue and is investigating.
            Facebook: MakkasCIQ
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            Datafields: HRZMon+, TRIMP-Meter


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              Same here and historical data as well


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                I have the same problem. I use the qic field "steps to fit". I can t find any step data anymore.


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                  No better situation today. Still the same - everythis is missing for new or older activities (both Android app and Garmin Homepage).
                  I've just done an Android Garmin Connect update - don't know what's new... But didn'd solve the problem.

                  Normally, someone from Garmin Support give a short information. Am I right, or am I right???


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                    I've called the Garmin support 2 hours ago, and they said, they know the problem and are searching for a solution. It's only a problem to show the data, but they are still stored in the background.
                    I hope it's true and they will fix it soon...


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                      Also reported in this thread:


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                        Im seeing the data again!


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                          CIQ data is visible again in GCM (iOS) for me as well.


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                            My steps are here again.


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                              Everythings's OK again. Also data from activities yesterday are complete.