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  • Transfer failed Reason=412

    Morning all, I have a 235 that is paired with an Android phone. The Connect app updates with heart rate detail and steps from the watch, and in turn the watch shows alerts from the phone such as text messages.
    however for the last few days any attempt to synchronise gives a Transfer Failed on the watch. If I look at the sync history I can see a file failed to transfer so I suspected the file. Having seen a few others in a running forum with the same issue starting on the same day I don't think it is the file.

    I've tried finding out what reason=412 means in the log file without success.

    any thoughts?

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    Also having this trouble, but with a Forerunner 230.


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      Same problem here with a 935, since yersterday.
      I've been using the device since beginning of year and it's the first time I have an upload problem.


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        Same problem since June 10. 920xt sync times out and watch shows transfer. Iphone X


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          I am also at wit's end. I had a forerunner 220 and after 2 years for some reason it stopped syncing. I loved the Garmin world and watch so then decided time to get the forerunner 235. After 6 months I am getting the same issue on syncing. If I use the app, the watch says 'transfer failed'. If I plug the watch in, syncing just does not work. Weirdly I can do software updates. I have emailed Garmin and they reply to you like you are an idiot and suggest reinstall the software, restart watch, etc. I have even cleared the watch back to factory settings but still have the same problem. It feels that I need to reinstall the watches software though this option does not seem to exist. Either way I am again stumped on syncing - I thought syncing issues had disappeared years back.

          The funny thing is a now have gone back to an excel spreadsheet (still use the garmin to time my runs+distance) and in some ways much more effective. Not sure if clever of garmin to ignore syncing issues.


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            I suggest you contact Garmin phone support. You'll have better one-on-one assistance and you're likely to get your issue resolved much faster.
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              I forgot to send an update since. I had this sync issue in June, and could fix it only after syncing the watch using Garmin Express Software on a Mac computer.
              I guess there was some corrupted file that was preventing sync from Android app.