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Vector 3.81 Firmware Release

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  • Vector 3.81 Firmware Release


    Garmin is releasing Vector firmware version 3.81 to production today. This version includes the following changes:

    • Corrected two radio issues that were causing persistent loss of data reception either from the left side or from the entire system.
    • Improved pedal to pedal sync time.
    • Reduced opportunities for spontaneous un-pairing of pedals.
    • Corrected a math error that was causing periodic balance spikes.
    • Transmit time-averaged torque while coasting.

    Vector firmware version 3.81 is a significant improvement over version 3.50 and should provide a better experience for users, especially those who were having frequent problems with 3.50. Beta testing has revealed that riders may still experience some situations where the pedal to pedal communication does not operate properly. However, we have decided to release 3.81 so those users unable to access the Beta versions can benefit from the improvements, and we are committed to rooting out the remaining issues. We will continue to communicate the status of these efforts periodically on this forum.