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Vector 3 Software Version 3.60 Now Available

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  • Vector 3 Software Version 3.60 Now Available

    This update can be applied using an Edge 520, 520 Plus, 820, 1000 or 1030.

    It can also be applied using Garmin Connect Mobile running on iOS or Android. For Android users please make sure that you are using version 4.5.1 or higher of the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

    Changes made from version 3.50 to 3.60:
    • Tuned low battery warning indication
    • Add support for ANT+ Bike Power Profile v5.1
    • Limit computed TE/PS values to 100%
    • Fix Right Side PCO when TE/PS is not enabled
    • Improve ANT reception while coasting for short durations (4 minutes or less)
    • Prevent Vector 3S from getting stuck in the Install Angle Wizard on Edge 510/810
    • Fix setting Crank Length to report Manual/Default correctly