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Varia Vision - potential issues with Edge 1030 ?

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  • Varia Vision - potential issues with Edge 1030 ?

    Sorry for cross posting, but I don't think there are a lot of people in the 1030 forum that use the Varia Vision, so I was hoping to get an answer here...

    Does this work well with the Edge 1030?
    I see a few people in the DCR thread stating it didn’t work for them with the 1030.
    I see a few people in the Edge1030 Garmin forums stating it disconnects.

    Background: The Edge 1030 does *NOT* stay connected to the Remote Control *IF* a cell phone (ios or android) are connected. The remote becomes hit or miss on connectivity and is basically useless. Garmin has been 100% unable to say anything more than that they are ‘looking into it’ for well over a year, so it’s an obvious hardware issue on the 1030 side that they cannot fix and refuse to admit to.

    Given those details, I’m reluctant to get the Varia Vision for fear that it will do the same thing. Does anyone here use the 1030 while connected to both a phone *and* the Varia Vision without issue? I’m also a bit nervous that the Vision firmware hasn’t been updated since 2017.

    My reason for getting this would be to swipe through data screens since the remote does not allow me to do this. I’m unable to swipe through data screens all winter with full finger gloves on UNLESS I disconnect my phone and use the remote.

    So does the Varia Vision have any of the following issues that any of you could comment on?

    1. Connectivity with Edge 1030 and during phone connectivity
    2. Can you swipe data screens with non conductive full finger gloves
    3. Does that battery life go *kaplunk* in cold weather? (15 degrees F) – The battery must be small so I’d assume so.
    4. Is this worth using for mountain biking, or will it go lopsided and bounce around in the rough terrain?
    5. Can I still connect Varia Radar to the Edge head unit and send car warnings *and* data screens to the Varia Vision? Or is the Varia vision all or nothing with a direct connection to:
    *a. Only the radar and no head unit data
    *b. Only the head unit WITHOUT radar data
    *c. Head unit with both data fields and radar warnings

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    I have one on its way. Hopefully it works out.
    I'm going to try mounting to my helmet since I ride off-road and don't want it on the glasses; hopefully it can be adjusted this way. I'd be curious to hear if anyone has done this.
    I'm also curious if anyone has ever ran this in extreme cold and how the battery holds up; maybe I'll get to test before spring.