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The Varia 510 needs a new mode

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  • The Varia 510 needs a new mode

    For my use, the Varia 510 needs a new mode : no-light with no car detected by the radar, and flashing light when a car is detected, in order to get the attention of car driver during day light
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    I'll have to test if when the light is turned off through the computer, the radar still flashes when a car approaches. The radar works fine with the light off but I have never thought to see if it flashes. I'll test it tomorrow.


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      I'm not sure I see the merit in this. The radar range is about 150 meters, but the light is visible from a lot further away than that. I would prefer drivers see me from a long way away, rather than a sudden and unanticipated light. YMMV.

      I haven't seen it myself, but am assured by my riding buddies that from its regular flashing pattern that the light "goes crazy" when a car approaches.

      With day flash, the battery life is 15 hours, so it's not as though you are saving a whole lot of battery life through having the light off.