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Varia HL500 Light mode "Auto" not working???

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  • Varia HL500 Light mode "Auto" not working???

    Hi All,
    I've bought recently the Garmin Varia HL500 for my street bike and I've not been able to understand yet how the Light mode Auto is working...
    So light has been paired with my Edge 1030, light network has been set up and the light is showing in the light network.
    Until here everything ok.
    In the Light network opions I can set the Light Mode to "auto"
    But when I tap on the the front line menu (where there is the graphics of the battery status) and i enter the sub menu (where the info of the light can be found) in here I see that the "light mode" is grayed out and is saying "deactivated" and i can not change this setting at all.
    I thought this is because the Light network "light mode" setting is set to "Auto" and therefore I can not change it individually for the front light. and this is ok for me...
    But then I've done the test to bring both the light and the edge unit in a completly dark room expecting that the light will switch on automatically (since the light mode is set to auto). But the light is remaining swiched off... At the moment I could not test it with a real usecase :P
    Am I missing somethig here? should the edge detect some movement in order to switch on the light? is also the GPS needed?
    Because (maybe I did misunderstood the specs of the device) in my understanding the light once is paired should use the ambient light sensor to switch the light on and adapt the light strenght as well as the light beam angle based on the speed.
    Is my assumption wrong? Is the pairing only needed to adapt the light beam angle depending on the bike speed and the light has to be switched on manually?!?
    Thanks a lot for your feedbacks!

    btw, both the HL500 and the edge 1030 are updated to the latest firmware.


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    When you go to light network and choose network options and then the menu light activated you'll have two options power up or timer you might have it set to timer. If this was the case then what you were describing, light deactivated is what you would see until you start the timer.


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      Hi bloom34,
      thanks for your reply.
      Actually I’ve tested with the option “power on the light when tje device is switched on”. What happens is that the light goes on for a short while and then goes off again... therefore i tried also the option that you mentioned and of course I’ve started a “fake” activity (as mentioned I have not got the chance yet to try the light at night on the bike) to check if that was powering on the light, but also like this no light active...
      am I missing something else!? Or is the light broken?


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        very strangly, after an other test (without doing anything different than before) the unit has started working as expected... lights switch on once the timer has started.
        these garmin devices sometimes are pretty strange in paring and so on.
        So light is working... thread can be closed!
        thanks anyhow for the support