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  • Editing Data Fields

    How do I change the order of the data options on data screen 1? The user guide says to tap twice on a data field to change it, or tap a field and tap another field to rearrange them. This doesn’t work. One tap simply grays the data screen and shows the rest of the home screen, and tapping twice simply goes between gray screen and back to data screen 1. I have version 4.1 installed.

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    I think what you want to do is Edit a Data Screen, which is on Page 9 of the manual under Editing a Data Screen.

    Menu> Ride Setings> Data Screens> (Select the data screen you want to edit)> Layout and Data Fields> (Select < or > to change layout)> Select (check mark)

    tap twice to change a data field, or
    tap a data field then a second data