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    Garmin has changed the way Incident detection works. Now if you don't give them access to all of the contacts on your phone they turn off "Incident Detection' which is one of the main features I bought it for. It wasn't a problem before this "upgrade". They do not need all of my contacts just the ones I want the unit to call. I was about to buy the 1030 but I won't be doing that now. I can't believe they can disable part of MY unit that I already paid for.
    Totally disgusted with Garmin.
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    FredTrek - We did change how you enable contacts in the app and you can read our statement about it here. This change does not prevent you from using either feature (Incident Detection or LiveTrack). If you wish to not use Contacts with the Garmin Connect App that is up to you. However, you will need to type in a contact's information for either of these features to work.