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Garmin Edge 820 Call and Text Notification gone after Software 9.0 Update

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  • Garmin Edge 820 Call and Text Notification gone after Software 9.0 Update

    Did all the instructions after updating which is to re-pair device with phone and GC App, also Activity Auto upload feature is also compromise with this 'NEW' update. Edge is paired with iPhone 7+
    What to do now? GARMIN?
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    As a new user, I was assuming that getting no text and 'phone notifications on the 820 was due to using it together with a Fenix 5- now I'm not so sure...
    I'll do a complete re-pair tonight to see if that changes anything.


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      Same problem with Samsung Galaxy S6, no notification.


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        Do you have bluetooth connection? I have the same issue (GS Note8). However, it is due to lost bluetooth connection.
        I can establish a connection (only with GPS on the Phone enabled) but i loose if after I shut down the Edge820 and start it on another day.
        So basically bluetooth connecting works, but it has to be connected every time I use the 820 to receive smart notifiications or upload after an activity.
        Luckily WLAN works (still all stored networks are lost since the 9.00 update), so I upload my activities via WLAN.

        With every update I hope the touchscreen bug gets resolved but I guess they are not even working on that at all. Was quite a lame duck of Garmin


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          I am also in bluetooth. I also noticed that after a reboot the connection was lost. However my phone finds a new BT edge 820 device. So I have 2 devices associated for my Edge 820 (see screenshot). Activity synchronizations then work. But no notification. This version 9.00 is really bad. I found other bugs such as automatic startup of an activity beyond a certain speed while I had arrived and inside my house. The gps capturing a movement ....
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            I have my 820 paired with my iPhone and receive text and call notifications, but with 9.0, I need to keep the Garmin App open, otherwise connection is dropped.


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              With Android Oreo on a Samsung G. A3 I get calls and SMS, but none of the smart notifications, regardless of whether the apps are enabled in Settings. No Whatsapp, Signal, Gmail, or whatever.
              It's sad. Notifications were never flawless, but at least Signal worked before Firmware 9.00

              For SMS, you must grant the corresponding permission to the GCM app.
              But the notification permission doesn't help for smart notifications.