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  • Add extra maps to 820

    I have just purchased an Edge 820... it came with Europe maps loaded on it. If I down load OSM Australia maps - will it overwrite the other ones? Ideally what I want to do is to keep the Europe maps, and in addition add the Aussie/NZ maps. IS this possible?

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    I have put several maps on the edge. You just have to activate in the profile, which map you want to use


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      Ok, if I follow the instructions by DCRainmaker

      I will end up with my Australian maps in a file called gmapsupp.img.
      Do I then make a copy of the Garmin/gmapbmap.img that is on the 820... store it somewhere safe ... (to keep the UK / Euro maps)

      Then copy the gmapsupp.img to the 820 and rename it gmapbmap.img.

      So I end up with just the Aussie OSM map on the device, and the original UK maps stored on my computer.....??

      Or is there a way to ADD the Aussie OSM onto the 820.... if so, what file name do I use so I can activate it in the profile?

      Just a bit confused.... so would appreciate further explanation.


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        You can copy the file with an other name, for example Australia.img. The edge will recognize it. Only thing you have to go to settings of your activity profile and then under navigation map enable the map.
        ​your other Maps will still be available


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          Thank you so much..... Success....just a minor question..... whilst I have renamed the map Australia.imp, obviously the original name is still embedded in the actual file code - openfietsmap_lit.img.... is there any 'easy' way to rename this embedded name?


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            This tool will let you change the info in the map file: