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No Feedback when Calculating Route

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  • No Feedback when Calculating Route

    I've always thought that I've got a pretty reasonable understanding of the Edge, but there's one thing that's perplexing me.

    When I load a route and hit GO (Tried GPX Track and TCX Course) , the unit doesn't show the route 'Calculating...' as any documentation I've read suggests.
    What does happen is that the screen returns to the Map screen, with no feedback and the map screen remains unresponsive, the duration of this depends on the length of the route, which I assume is until the route actually finishes calculating at which point the chosen route appears on the map and navigation begins, which can take some time

    When I mean unresponsive, I mean I can scroll between my configured screens, but any attempt to zoom out and the map image just gets smaller and is surrounded by a white border and zooming in enlarges the current image, but there is no change in detail and it's blurred. Once the 'calculation' is complete everything returns to normal

    I'm not suggesting there's anything fundamentally wrong with what the unit is doing, but with the absence of any information regarding the calculation progress of the route I have no idea when navigation will begin. I remember seeing the 'calculation' progress a couple of firmware revisions ago, but don't know where it's gone or is it just my unit.

    Is anyone else seeing this, does anyone know if there's a way of getting it back?

    Cheers, H.D>