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Wrong Activities folder?

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  • Wrong Activities folder?


    I suspect I'm not the first with this problem but have not been able to phrase an online search well enough to find a solution.

    I have had my Edge 800 a few weeks. After the last couple of rides, when trying to upload the activity, it is not found. The PC detects the edge 800 is there but does not find any activities. However the PC detects another folder in addition to the Garmin called 10-10680-50(H. If I try to upload from that folder garmin connect just freezes midway through searching. If I open the folder via the pc (my compoter etc) and move the fit file to the PC desktop I can then do a manual upload to Garmin Connect by finding the file on the desktop.

    So it seems the Garmin is saving the activity to the wrong folder.

    Anyone else had this problem or know or a solution


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    Does the Edge have an MicroSD card in it?

    Any chance you could post a screen capture of the Edge file structure?
    - Alan


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      you can choose to get the garmin to save to either internal or external media using
      System> Data Recording> Record to .... but that doesn't give you a folder option
      so as Alan is implying it sounds like the folder structure is corrupt.

      A side point ... if you set it to record to the SD card Garmin Connect wont find the file


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        Thanks REVOKID that's sorted it