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Upload mulitple tracks at once to GPS fails

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    I use the same method as you mention. It rarely works. As per my post in this thread on 09-06-2012 the problem I have is with loading approximately 15 tracks. The Edge 800 won't process them all at once after being dragged to the new files folder, ejecting, and booting the device. Perhaps 3 or 4 get processed during boot, sometimes 1 (there is no consistency other than they all don't get loaded even though they are all in the new files folder before ejecting).

    The workaround is to check which ones loaded on the Edge 800 once it is booted up, turn off device, plug it back into a computer, drag other files to the new files folder, eject, power on the Edge 800, check which ones loaded, and repeat until all 15 are on. It is a frustrating process. Eventually they all get there.

    I contacted tech support awhile ago but have not had time to deal with their request of data from me. The .gpx file I'm taking about have trackpoint data and normally come from or TCX converter software. It could be an issue with the actual .gpx files, however, the fact they get processed by the Edge 800 individually indicates to me that there should be someway they could load all together.


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      I tried this last night .
      created 15 routes, exported the gpx files.
      copied all 15 gpx's to the SD newfiles.
      Rebooted the 800 and checked .... all 15 courses there and ok !!!


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        Interesting. Glad you are successful with that.
        Where do your .gpx files come from? (ie. how do you create them) and are you creating files with trackpoint data (rather than route/waypoint data)?

        I made the following:
        7 .gpx files from
        7 .gpx files from
        7 .gpx files from TCX converter (manipulating the BRT files above and re-saving as .gpx)
        7 .gpx files from Map My Ride

        All rides were about 60-150 km in length. The 7 files from Map My Ride loaded all at once (tried twice - no problem). The first 3 sets of seven did not and did not have consistency (one time 2 of the BRT files loaded and another time 4) . This is with a reset Edge 800, current firmware, few (or zero) courses in memory, and all activity history cleared. The first 3 sets of files are about 50 KB each. The MMR files are about 500 KB. Not sure why the difference (assume there are a lot more trackpoints in the MMR files). I sent the files to Garmin to see what they can make of it.

        After a few boots I can get all the files above on the Edge 800. It just does not happen all at once. When having more courses to add and multiple 800's to do it to it becomes a time suck and a frustration. I am using the internal memory and not the SD card.


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          As the MMR files went in OK it would appear that the problem is with the other file creators rather than the 800. I have had no problem using although I have never gone as high as 15 courses. I have not tried any other sites as I find rwgps suits me fine.


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            I understand why one would possibly jump to the conclusion that the problem lies with the other file creators, however, the files eventually do load onto the Edge 800 (ie. they work with the Edge 800, just not in one go). They also seem to function fine with software, such as BaseCamp or Google Earth, or on the web with something like

            I created 7 .gpx files from of similar length as the others. After copying them to the NewFiles folder on the internal memory, 6 of them appeared as courses after booting. Just out of curiosity I tried with the SD card - 5 loaded. If I get any info back from Garmin I will post it.


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              Basecamp > WinGDB3 > Edge

              If you want to to transfer all multiple routes or tracks you can use following method (found in the german forum, where they handle the same problem)
              1. Export selection to Garmin database file (*.gdb)
              2. Import this file in WinGDB3
              3. Convert / export directly to the EDGE 800
              4. now you see all routes/Tracks converted to single *.tcx files in the folder \NewFiles
              5. Starting the device, all *.tcx files are converted to *.fit in the folder \Courses

              WinGDB3 you find here

              I don't understand why Garmin/Basecamp is not exporting the files to multiple *.tcx files, the single *.gpx works obviously like a lottery.


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                Thanks Richards for the troubleshooting advice. I do know the WinGDB3 software and have used it many years ago for other purposes with Mapsource. Although you have not explicitly written it I'm sure you are using the software to convert "routes" to "tracks" (ie. a breadcrumb trail) since Basecamp would only create "routes".

                For me I don't have any desire to use Basecamp. There are enough useful web based planning sites that is easy to create a .gpx or .tcx without any need to convert.

                The response I have so far from Garmin is a limitation in "bootable memory" but as my test with sets of 7 .gpx files this makes no sense. The largest set of 7 worked every time (it was 10x the size of the other sets). It sounds like there is some other issue. Also we are talking about a problem with 7x 50 KB of data. Surely the "bootable memory" cannot be limited by 350 KB.
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                  Originally posted by DSDUST View Post
                  For me I don't have any desire to use Basecamp. There are enough useful web based planning sites that is easy to create a .gpx or .tcx without any need to convert.
                  This is right. But I like the overview I have with Basecamp planning for holidays, i.e. 24 stages of a tour through europe.

                  Originally posted by DSDUST View Post
                  The response I have so far from Garmin is a limitation in "bootable memory" but as my test with sets of 7 .gpx files this makes no sense.
                  I tested the transfer with the new firmware 2.50:
                  The temp.gpx file size is 3'266 KB: 14 of 24 routes are converted to fit.
                  Using the MicroSD: 20 of 24 routes (size of the single .gpx-files between 80 KB and 380 KB).
                  I can't detect a rule why a route is converted or not.


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                    DSDUST, did you get any more info from Garmin on how to resolve this issue, or have you found any reliable workaround?

                    I'm experiencing just about every thing you explain in this thread, so I'm also really frustrated over this issue.
                    I've tried a lots of things, including manually editing/simplifying the xml content/tags in the gpx files, but the Edge 800 always seems to randomly select which tracks to process upon booting.


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                      Nothing. I sent them information at the end of February and received no reply. I have just re-asked them for an update to this annoying problem.

                      I would suggest emailing [email protected] and explaining what is happening in your case.

                      It is a shame because there was never any problem with the 705 since there was none of this converting to .fit business. Garmin created a problem, especially for anyone loading multiple courses on multiple devices. If it is truly as limitation of the device then they should figure out a way to pre-convert to .fit on a computer then send the files to the device. The notion of loading an individual track on an 800, ejecting two drives (garmin + SD), booting the 800 (to convert a .gpx or .tcx to .fit), reconnecting to a computer, loading your next track, and so on, and so on, as the workaround or normal method to load multiple courses to the 800 is appalling. Garmin should fix the problem.



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                        I had the same problem with loading multiple course files (for a recent trip). I used the copy the "NewFiles" on the SD card approach.

                        These files were gpx route (not track) files created on Basecamp (I believe, I didn't create them).

                        I was able to load multiple routes (and longer ones too) for a trip earilier this year with no problem. These were tcx track files created in ridewithgps.

                        At this point, I suspect that the Garmin processes tcx files more reliably.
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                          a typical Garmin like work arround

                          1. buy or borrow a Garmin Edge 1000
                          2. transfer all your routes from basecamp to the Edge 1000 (tested for 30 Routes).
                          3. copy the .fit files from the Edge 1000 to your PC and then to the Edge 800.

                          Important: Always use the same map in basecamp and edge!

                          Other comment to the 800 unit:
                          - I use my Edges for navigation only (2 weeks tours) and don't need all that BT/Wifi stuff.
                          - I still like my Edge 800, the 1000 only for its better display.