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  • Sensors disconnecting

    I'm using garmin speed sensor on rear wheel and garmin vector 2 pedals for power + cadence.
    Often when I stop pedaling (on downhill segments etc.) my speed drops to zero until I rotate my pedals. Sometimes it happens for long enough for garmin to go to auto pause of ride...
    Same thing used to happen on old 520 with cadence sensor instead of vector pedals...

    Second issue (might or not be related to first) is when I'm on stationary trainer (more riders using their own garmin devices), my power / cadence and HR sensor are frequently reconnected to garmin device. That looks like, value for that sensor drops to 0, then garmin device shows that sensor is connected and then value goes to normal...

    Battery's on all sensors were recently replaced with new...
    Garmin device is updated to most recent software.

    Any ideas on what to do?

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    I've noticed the same issue on mine recently and even getting power from my CycleOps Magnus trainer which is plugged in and doesn't have a battery.

    I started connecting my 935 watch to the sensors and those readings and sensors never drop, so it is definitely something with the 520+.


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      Same happened to me today. Speed and cadence sensors disconnected almost every 30 seconds my training. Very annoying. Somehow strange since the sensors worked for many weeks on Version 4.0. It might loads something in the background when the Edge was connected to Garmin Express...


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        I was going to post this but had seen this thread. I have the same issue. I just got it yesterday. My Garmin Speed, 4iiii Viiiiva HRM, and Varia RTL510 keep disconnecting. They reconnect but messes with the stats and its very frustrating. I had these all connected to Sufferfest at the same time via Ant+ Dongle and Sufferfest had no dropout issues.


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          I've also been having this for a while - worse since updating to firmware 4.0. Speed sensor is now disabled as was constantly disconnecting and reconnecting on a ride. Have tried removing it and adding again but makes no difference. Also has a fresh battery. Other sensors (cadence and HR) are still working fine (touch wood).


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            I did a trainer ride this morning and all of my sensors (Garmin Speed/Cadence, Garmin HRM-Tri, CycleOps Magnus Trainer) all dropped at the same time for a few seconds then reconnected.

            I had my 935 connected to the same sensors and there was no drop, so it is definitely the 520+.


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              I just sent an email to support about this issue since we haven't seen any reply from Garmin yet.