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Using 520 Plus, RDL 510 (Light) & Giant Recon 1600 Light Issue

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  • Using 520 Plus, RDL 510 (Light) & Giant Recon 1600 Light Issue

    I found you can pair each light to the 520 plus individually, it works great. I found if you try to use them together on the same lighting network, it disconnects both. Example: RDL510 used for tail-light and Giant Recon Light as the headlight. Has anyone else tried this new product yet together with 520+, Radar, & Giant light?

    Thanks in advance.

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    CMaglinger - Please check your email as we have reached out for more information. We will escalate this issue for you, but require some information that we would not ask you to post publicly.


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      Sorry for the delay, your email went into my spam. thx for all the help.


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        I now getting a constant sensor update reminder each time I boot the Garmin 520+ I go to the software update and it wants to update light to 2.40, but when I go to install, it never finds the light, even though its on and connected to light network. Any help would be appreciated.

        I looked in the Garmin Folder "RemoteFW" and saw these files


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          Thanks for the details CMaglinger. I have reported this issue. The files are trying to push an update to your light that is a Garmin UT800 update. Select Remind me or you can delete the files out of the Remote SW folder. They will get added again unfortunately. This is due to the way the headlight manufacturer programed their light. We will reach out once we have a solution.


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            Thanks for your response......sorry for the delay.