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Head unit came off during MTB ride - now lost!

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  • Head unit came off during MTB ride - now lost!

    I have only owned my 520 for 5 days. In that time, I used it for one long forest ride (lots of single track), 2 days of road commuting, and one off road race.
    During the race, my head unit came off and is now lost!
    - I am sure the unit was attached properly
    - The course was bumpy, but not especially so.
    - I did not come off, or encounter anything that might dislodge the unit
    - On lap 3 of 5 the unit was still attached
    - I noticed it missing when I finished.

    Has anyone else encountered the unit coming off on its own accord?
    This is mightily frustrating, not to mention expensive!
    Is there any way to find out the last known position of the unit??


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    If you did live tracking, you should see in the link you senty, but only for 24 hrs since Edge stopped


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      As it was very new (to me), I hadn't gotten as far as looking at live tracking, so wasn't using it. In any case, 24 hours are up now..


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        Did you use the secure cord?


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          Did a lot of mountainbiking especially on trails in the last 2yrs and never had problems with an off-coming unit.

          In last november, I bought a K-Edge stem mount because my new fully's stem is too short to mount the unit on it and I didn't want to use the aero mount provided by Garmin.

          This one holds the unit even better and seems to lock in firmer than Garmin's original mount. Thing is: On a ride some two weeks ago, the screw connecting the stem and the mount loosened up and got lost - thankfully I noted it before the unit fell off. Being in the woods, I was able to temporarily fix it using a little stick and put some rubber around the unit so that it won't hardly bump on the stem all the time.

          Now I bought a new screw and used Loctite on it to get sure it won't loosen up again.
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            @Kroez_control +1 for the Garmin secure cord

            I use it on my Edge


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              Secure cord seems like a no brainer. Alas, I don't recall seeing it in what I got in the box. I assume it comes as standard?


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                Yes the tether should be in the box.


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                  So amazingly the unit was found -I won't be going anywhere without the tether!
                  Interestingly, there's a lot out on the web about broken tabs at the back, but mine is perfectly intact.
                  Except that the rubber down button has been completely sheared off - groan.

                  So, off to find out how to fix this..