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Downgrade firmware Edge 510

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  • Downgrade firmware Edge 510

    I tried to downgrade my Garmin Edge 510 (2.50 > 2.30) with the process used in the edge 500/800 but without success.
    Any solution?

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    What do you mean by "process"? Describe exactly what you`ve done.


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      I get the 2.3 firmware file from the web.
      The process to downgrade (edge 500 and 800)

      1. Plug the 500 into the PC.
      2. Once the 500 is ready, copy the file to the Garmin subdirectory on your unit, renaming it to gupdate.gcd. The 500 will appear as another drive in explorer, for me, it's drive E:
      3. Save your Settings\, Elevations\, and possibly the Sports\ files so that you don't need to reenter all that data after the firmware update. (copy them back to the PC). These files are located in the various sub-directories under the Garmin folder. Note, updating the firmware doesn't usually mess with these files (a 'full reset' normally proscribed by Garmin support does).
      4. Safely remove the 500 from the PC.
      5. Power up the 500. If you are loading an older level firmware, it will ask you to verify you want to do this.
      6. Let it update. This may take a while, be patient. Be very patient. Very.
      7. Once the update completes, power the 500 back down.
      8. Reattach to the PC and restore the files saved in step 3.
      9. Safely remove the 500 from the PC.
      10. Power up the 500, rescan for HRM, GSC-10, other devices, and re-pair them.

      This process is described on post 5 of this link


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        It`s possible to downgrade by increasing the firmware version description of the 2.30 gupdate.gcd file (e. g. 2.51).


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          How i do that?


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            Why downgrade? My Edge 510 with firmware 2.5 is working well. The only issues for me are:

            Longer programmed courses have sluggish performance updating the screen i.e. 80km +
            You still get virtual partner information i.e. the arrow for them when following a course even though virtual partner is disabled.


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              The grade is inconsistent, goes up and down in a wild, ex: on a flat road ( 0% > -5% > 3% > -1% ........)
              I already make factory reset and reinstall the 2.5 but the issue continues.