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Elevation question.

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  • Elevation question.

    Sincere apologies if this has been covered, I could not find anything.

    My question is this. I scored an older edge 205 which does not record elevation change. I'm wondering if there is a software upgrade, or perhaps a "Hack" (for lack of better terms) to gain this feature?

    Thanks for any info in advance.

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    AFAIK the 205 is the same as the 305. You should get elevation displayed and recorded. The only difference is the 205 does not have a pressure sensor and uses GPS elevation.

    If elevation is not displayed in one of the data fields go into the menu and select it in one of the fields.
    Does the elevation change in the data field? Or is it the recorded data that doesn't show a change. Is the track being recorded? You need to press the start button for data to be recorded. Try running the web updater to reinstall the firmware.