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Creating a course from GPX file- timing issues

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  • Creating a course from GPX file- timing issues

    I'm using firmware 6.44.
    I noticed yesterday that if I create a course from ride history on my garmin the timing ahead/behind works fine.
    If I load a gpx file with timestamps in to the new files folder, I can navigate the course but I don't get time ahead or behind.
    I opened the fit file created by my garmin and the issue appears to be in the header data. My garmin creates a field of "Course Capabilities" which is set to 515. This somehow prevents the use of course timing.
    If I delete this entry then the course file works ok.
    I'm not sure when this bug was introduced as I don't use courses all that often

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    Can you provide a sample GPX file that you see this with?
    - Alan


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      Where are you getting the GPX files from? Is there a reason you are using GPX versus TCX?
      - Alan