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Some functionality has been removed from the new 2018.10 map.

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  • Some functionality has been removed from the new 2018.10 map.

    I have upgrade my device with EU 2018.10 map.

    The old map of 2017 was removed.

    When I create a route with BaseCamp and use the map on my Edge 1030 I could also see a Graph of the create route.

    But with the 2018.10 map I get the following message “The current map does not contain any elevation data on the selected route”

    Is it possible to download the previous map eu 2017 map and installed on a second SD card?

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    Garmin don't provide old maps as far as I'm aware and unfortunately made a bit of a hash of the 2018.10 map. Unless you have a backup or a friend with a unit you're out of luck, but at least Garmin are releasing an updated map imminently (2018.20), it's already out for the US and shouldn't be too long for Europe.

    That said have you checked your DEM map is enabled? That's the one that provides elevation.


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      It's nice that next release 2018.20 support the DEM map.


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        After installing Cycle Map EU 2018.20 I still doesn't get a elevation profile in BaseCamp.
        The goed news is that I have found why it does not work.
        The EU Map 2018.10 and 2018.20 are split in North East and South West.
        For the Netherlands and France you have to select the map South West. Then you can create a route but you don't get a elevation profile in BaseCamp.
        But if you now select the Map North East the you get the elevation profile!
        Conclusion is that the elevation profile of complete EU belongs to map North East.