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'Always Display' Course / Zoom Issues

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  • 'Always Display' Course / Zoom Issues

    Hi! I´m new to this device, just switched over from an Edge 810. One major thing I struggle with on the 1030 is the 'Always Display' Course option, that can be activated within the Menu of an uploaded course (I uploaded the courses manually via the 'New Files' Folder). I am using the 'Always Display' course option a lot to follow a course 'manually' on the map, as I prefer this over activating being navigated through the course. Now my problem is: On some of the courses, when 'Always Display' is activated for one specific course, it is shown on the larger Zoom levels, but is fully disappears when further zooming in, it`s simply not there any more. This happens for some courses, for others it´s OK. I never had this problem on the Edge 810, it worked perfectly. Can anybody advise, what could be the problem here? Currently it`s a major setback, as the 'Always Display' mode was the main way that I used to follow courses. Thanks a lot for any hint!

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    This is pretty much the only way I "follow" a route. I haven't seen any issues. How many courses do you have marked to "always display"? How big are they? I usually use Garmin Mapsource to reduce the number of points on longer tracks. Wonder if there is a display details setting that impacts this. I also rarely keep more than 5 to 10 courses on the device.


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      Thanks a lot for the feedack! I only always have one course marked 'always display', with tracks 120-180 km (approx 2000 Track points). Currently only 4 courses on the device in total. Only the one I want to use for the next ride is activated for 'always display'. Maybe I should try to also reduce the number of points, for the courses that have the Zoom visibility issue? (trying to figure this out in Base Camp, did not yet succeed...) Though the tracks worked perfectly and in Zoom on the Garmin 820, what confuses me a bit...


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        In a brief update on this issue: I could isolate the non-visibility of the tracks when zoomed to a set of 4 GPS tracks I received from one source. Those tracks worked perfectly showing with 'Always Display' on the EDGE 810 as well as in GPS viewer software, but the tracks 'disappear' when zoomed on the 1030. Can`t get those to work on the 1030 - not sure why. Other tracks that I tested on the 1030 work well on the 1030, also when zoomed. Guess there is something in those few files, that the 1030 does not like.


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          It could be the region on the map that is the issue?

          Could you post these course Fit files?
          - Alan


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            Was this problem resolved?
            Course trail appears, then disappears seemingly randomly. This fault is not related to magnification, when browsing map course is visible but disappears if the map view is shifted.
            Course is loaded using tracklogs - problem never occurred using my 800 or 810