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Strava Live Segments synchronization display bug with 1030

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  • Strava Live Segments synchronization display bug with 1030

    Here are steps I follow to reproduce this issue. Note Edge 1030 is on 5.0

    1. Strava has a certain number of segments which are starred (perhaps 20).
    2. On Garmin Connect website in the Segments widget, the same 20 segments are displayed.
    3. Ideally on 1030 the same 20 segments are synchronized.
    4. Turn on Garmin connect to phone via BT
    5. In Strava, star a new segment and unstar an existing segment so there are still 20 total.
    6. Check and make sure the changes are reflected properly on GC website.
    7. From GCM phone app synchronize the 1030. When finished you will perhaps see the following messages. "Download complete" and/or "Deleting segments".
    8. Without turning off 1030 go to Training->Strava Live Segments and scroll the through the list. You may see your new segment appear and the old one disappear or you may not.
    9. Use the back button to exist Strava list and then come back in. Do this several times. Doing this I will generally see some of the following results
    A: One segment at the bottom of the list is duplicated (20 segments shown).
    B: One segment may show zeros like zero distance, etc. Going into the segment will not show anything on the map, but it may say a weird distance like 198 miles.
    C: The list may show 19 segments total, not 20.

    In all cases, rebooting the Edge (ie full shut down and power up fixes the issues). The reason a reboot fixes the issues is that all these segment updates actually just create FIT update files in the NewFiles directory of the Garmin. Since the only time NewFiles are processed that I'm aware of is when the device is powered on from a full shut down. This is horrible behavior and much worse than the 1000 where the actual segment FIT files in the "Segments" folder were added or deleted in real time synchronization with Strava and thus no need to reboot Edge to make the segments active. This has bitten me several times as I've powered on my device to go on a ride, then decided to add a segment or two and they synchronized, but then on the ride, the new ones never show up. Didn't know I was supposed to reboot the device! At the least, Garmin should change the behavior so after the phone synchronizes, a message pops up on the 1030 to say "The 1030 must be rebooted for the segment changes to become active"

    This post is my first step in trying to figure out how to reproduce the main problem I have which is that I get orphaned segments on the Edge which are not on Strava and also which do not display on the Garmin Connect website. Definitely a bug there, even though I opened a case with Garmin support and they basically closed it saying there was no problem.