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Random Shutdowns

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  • Random Shutdowns

    I received my 1030 from Sigma Sport yesterday, and it keeps turning itself off.

    I went through the initial setup last night and it sat at syncing for about 10 minutes and looked like it had hung. I killed the app and plugged it into a PC to update the firmware.

    Firmware update went OK, device seemed to be setup fine, I paired my sensors and it hung which required me to force a power off with the power button.

    This morning I did my first ride, I turned on the device a few minutes before leaving to make sure it had a GPS fix (was quick, as expected) and put in a route to work (no full postcode search, so could only do it to the road where our office is, what's that about?).

    I went to leave a few minutes later to discover the device was turned off, bit weird, turned it on again and set off.

    I take an indirect route to work, so it was a great test of the routing engine, and it seemed very good, recalculating as I missed turns and suggesting generally sensible directions, very happy with that. As I went down Sawyers Hill in Richmond Park I looked down and the 1030 had turned off, I turned it on again and managed to get the tracking to continue. Slightly annoying.

    I cycled on for another 10k or so and the device was flashing up messages about connecting to my iphone, then it turned off again. This time it had decided the ride was over and had saved it so I had to start a new one.

    I'm not sure if the device turning off is because the storage is corrupted from the hard reset last night (very common problem on previous edge devices), early life hardware issues, or early life software, I'd guess it?s most likely software (sorry Garmin, but your S/W reputation precedes you).

    Anyone else had similar experiences with the device turning off? I'll try it going home tonight without navigation to see if it's related to following a route as I guess there's a lot of new code there.
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    Only picked mine up yesterday so I've not ridden with it yet. But in the process of setting it up, pairing sensors and generally playing around with the interface its crashed about 5 times already.
    Some have been lock ups requiring a hard reset, on some occasions the unit just powers itself off. It did this to me this morning as i was trying to pair a sensor. I can't establish a pattern over it yet.
    Phone connectivity seems a bit hit and miss as well, requiring a power off and on to get it to talk to my phone again.
    Not sure I'm brave enough to use it outdoors yet, not based on my initial experience. Stick to the 1000 until the next firmware ;-)
    How has it come to this...?


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      There is an auto-sleep feature. If the feature is on and you don't start the timer then after about 5 minutes it puts the unit in to a sleep mode. A short press of the power button should bring it out this mode.

      The settings for this is under each activity profile. Look for Auto features and then Auto sleep.
      - Alan


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        Hi Alan, its not that i'm afraid. I thought it might be, but i was in the middle of adding a sensor so the unit was active. It didn't sleep either, it powered off completely.


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          Sorry for the confusion my comment was more for the 1st posting. Is there an err_log.txt file in the Garmin\Debug folder? If so could you post it?
          - Alan


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            Hi There,
            I reset the device just in case (long shot I know) but I see the error log is still there. Attached below.



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              Looking in the log I see a couple of "Bad memory handle" errors, at times when it shut down. Does that indicate flash issues and is the best option to connect it to a PC and reformat, assuming that the forced reset I did has caused storage issues?


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                These look like BT errors. Is the unit paired with a phone? If so what model and what version of GCM is on the phone.
                - Alan


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                  Thanks for looking, It's paired with an iPhone 7 plus, latest GCM, I was running the beta (nice interface) but after the issues this morning I reverted back to the non-beta version which is showing as As others have mentioned it seems reluctant to talk to the phone, although pairing was reasonably smooth.


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                    Originally posted by aweatherall View Post
                    These look like BT errors.
                    Crashed once more on the way home about 10 minutes into a 1 hour ride. I killed the GCM app and it was stable after that.


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                      At the risk of turning this into a one person thread, one more update. On the commute this morning I had GCM running but no navigation and had no issues so it would appear to be a combination of navigation and the GCM app. That might explain why not that many people are reporting it.

                      I have a 100 mile ride at the weekend where I need navigation so I'll see how it works over a long period.


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                        am having the exact same issue. I received my 1030 from sigma yesterday and have suffered from random shutdowns ever since. also the connectivity to garmin connect is flaky. Have also tried pairing to Garmin express on my mac and it keeps coming up with a server error. currently at the moment this isn't usable outdoors. Please Garmin make it usable


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                          I've not experienced any shutdowns with navigation + GCM + Android.


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                            Completed my 100 mile ride at the weekend with no shutdowns and everything working really well. There was a GCM update during the week so maybe related to that.


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                              4 crashes/lock ups for this afternoons ride. It was fine this morning.
                              Unit just powered itself off twice and locked up twice.

                              All look to be BTM Main related like the extract below

                              Assert_Info: {}
                              RTL_Trap_Info: {
                              Task ID: 0x01E2D8D0
                              Task Name: BTM main
                              Error Number: 0x6E5D8002
                              Attached Files