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Edge 1000 Displays Many Previous Routes when Cycling

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  • Edge 1000 Displays Many Previous Routes when Cycling

    Is there a setting to stop my Edge 1000 from displaying numerous previous routes when riding? It has only started doing this a few months ago, so something must have changed to enable this "feature". It gets confusing with lots of old routes displayed, especially close to home.

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    There is a setting to make courses „always visible“, but it is hard to believe that you have activated this setting without knowing - by chance. It is no global setting but has to be enabled course by course.
    What you can do:
    identify one of the „always visible“ courses. Look if that course is stored under „courses“. If so, chose that course - it will load. Now scroll down to the bottom menu-line „settings“. Look if „always visible“ is activated.

    What else comes into my mind:
    might have to do with Physio True Up - but I‘m absolutely no expert in that fields - I even don‘t know if Edge 1000 is capable of...
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      Thanks for the suggestion, but none of the past rides are saved as courses. The only courses I have are cycle touring routes in Europe, which would not appear with my regular riding routes in Australia.


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        Could it be that you are seeing segments on the map page?
        - Alan


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          Delete your ride history from device


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            I deleted one local ride and it no longer appears on the map. However, I am reluctant to delete all ride history, even though they are all uploaded to Garmin Connect. Also, deleting exisiting rides won't stop it happening in the future. I would like to know why it is happening in the first place. Even when I view the map for a ride from the history, many other rides are shown at the same time so it is hard to see the desired ride map.