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Topo active update 2018.20

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  • Topo active update 2018.20

    Hej, a few weeks ago i'f got a message that there was an update for the topo active on my 66st. The update was Version 2018.20, 7.19 GB . I connected the device to GE and there was an announcement that there was no space left ,( there was 60 % free space intern memory!! )on the device,bud there was enough place on the sd card. I try to install the update bud after 1% it stops and it was not possible to install. I removed the sd card and started over again, No result! I have firmware 2.10 and software 2.50. Anyone a clue!! There are more persons i now with the same problem. Thanks

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    Is this what you're seeing?

    Yes, there are more people with this pickle that's been introduced early Dec 2018... See other recent threads.


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      Which threads?

      I am using a Fenix 5x watch and the error is the same while using the latest GE version


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        Can you check your logs - as per the link I supplied above - and advise what's there, where does it errors?

        Some users reported last Fri that this issue is now resolved for them - maybe on certain devices? - but not in my case (Oregon 750t).


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          Hi ,A message for updating Topo maps appeared to my Garmin Express last Friday. I tried to update them but a message informed that i can't do the update because there's so much information that they can't fit them to my device's internal memory , telling me to contact product support to help me updating my maps. Send email, still no response.Everything is updated to the latest version,except Topo .Garmin fenix 5x is what I have.Anyone can help? Screenshot (16).pngScreenshot (16).pngScreenshot (16).pngScreenshot (16).pngScreenshot (16).png


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            Now there is a new release of GE version
            Still the same issues....


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              Got this yesterday:

              I am afraid that we are still investigating this issue you are experiencing,

              We have chased the relevant team to see if there is any update for this,

              As soon as we hear something about this we will let you know.

              Garmin Europe


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                Oki so they are working on it.