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  • Version Now Released

    As above for your information, I haven't found any release notes on this version.

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    Sheesh, it was v6.5.0.0 only yesterday... I wonder what has not been tested this time...!


    • #3 both v6.5.0.0 and v6.5.1.0 do not auto-load tray utility anymore despite doing it in the past and having correct settings in GE in place. Anybody seeing it as well?

      Garmin Express Tray utility has been removed but not reinstated?


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        I'm not sure if this issue is due to this version, but today I lost the ability to synch all my devices. I had to delete them all from Garmin Express and add them back again. Has anyone had this same issue?


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          I haven't seen that issue when updating to the latest version


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            Only noticed that was now installed after noticing that the GE icon had disappeared from the Taskbar. Upon re-pinning it I was then presented with the latest version although in the past I have had to manually check for an updated version and which is the method I much prefer. This auto updating feature is a definite NO-NO in my book as I, along with many others, like to keep abreast of what is being installed on my PC. In the background the auto update at least created a system restore but hey, come on Garmin, let's get rid of this unwanted and unrequested auto update feature.


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              So you do confirm that once GE is updated to, tray icon is no longer there and Garmin Express Tray app is not installed? You can check it using Reliability applet in Windows (see my screenshot I supplied above).

              That being the case GE will no longer start automatically once GPS unit is connected to PC.


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                After update to following issue comes up:

                Cannot install the new 2019.1 on the pc with map options.

                There comes an red error "there was an error installing the update", though it installed ok to my zumo 590 before.

                But working with no current maps on the basecamp is rubbish.

                any idea anybody?


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                  something else:

                  just tried to get support on the garmin page. after entering my model zumo 590, i did not get the call support button at the bottom of the page. When i checked it with zumo 595 it was there.
                  So no more support for a 600€ model anymore???

                  Anybody any ideas?