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Garmin Express - Uninstall

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  • Garmin Express - Uninstall

    So none of my laptops can see the FORERUNNER watch after the recent Garmin Express upgrade. A windows message appears as states that the device is not recognised.

    I tried to uninstall the application, but it failed. So I ran VEVO UNINSTALLER and then reinstalled Garmin Express. Now I have serious problems as the application will not run (Error Message: Cannot connect to the background). But the application is not longer listed on Windows remove program or Vevo.
    So I cannot run the application or uninstall it.

    I went to my other laptop and it also now cannot see the FORERUNNER when I plug it in.

    I have spent an hour googling and reading. Nothing works.

    Is this a bug in the latest release?

    Please give me step by step instructions on how to get Garmin Express off my machine - remembering that I cannot see the program listed as installed. If I try and reinstall, it says it is already installed. When I try to run it, it falls over.

    And why are both my machines unable to see the watch now?

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    You can always try a restore in Windows to a previous day and time.

    this is from Microsoft's site "Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed"

    here is the link

    Then install Garmin Express directly from
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      It works!!

      Thank you so much garmin780i