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Please help Garmin! I cannot update software on Vivoactive HR due to full memory.

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  • Please help Garmin! I cannot update software on Vivoactive HR due to full memory.

    This is driving me crazy and has been for over a year.
    I simply cannot update the software on my device; I am stuck on 3.40.
    I am using a Mac with the latest software and Garmin Express version.

    I am attempting to follow Garmin's published advice to the letter about needing to free up memory and there appears to be a step missing.
    I open Finder on my Mac, get to the 'Activities' folder double click on it and there are zero folders to delete.
    What do I do please?

    I even went in to Garmin connect and deleted two years worth of runs and cycling records in the activities folder there, just in case it was that activities folder. Needlessly it seems.

    I have also had very frustrating syncing issues ever since I bought my device. Frequently the device is 'not found/connected' and then when I unplug in the supposedly non connected state it says 'not removed properly'. This is a moan out of pure frustration, but if someone can help with the first part it would be GREATLY appreciated! I love my device but frequently feel like throwing it out of the window and never buying a Garmin again. It is such a shame they don't seem to plug in and work effortlessly as so many other devices do with a mac.