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Garmin Express reports Unable to Sync activity data with my 1030... no kidding.

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  • Garmin Express reports Unable to Sync activity data with my 1030... no kidding.

    Every other time that I click on the Sync button in Garmin Express (Mac), I get a popup with the title: "Unable to Sync" which says: We couldn't sync the daily activity data (i.e., steps taken) from this device because it's not set as your activity tracker.

    Why am I getting this popup? It's an Edge 1030. I don't think it can record steps taken. So why is Express reporting this? It seems to think this is an activity tracker that has not been selected.

    It does provide a link with the text: "Change Activity Tracker". This link, of course, goes nowhere. To be precise, it goes to: Here I get the message: Page Not Found

    We're sorry. The page you're looking for no longer exists.

    FYI: This does not happen with my 1000, just the 1030. Both are up to the latest firmware, both have roughly the same data and apps. Express is also up to the latest version (

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    I have the same problem with my 935, even though it IS set as the step tracker....


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      Try removing from Garmin Express and then readding it.


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        Whenever I have Sync or Update Installation problems between Garmin Express, my Mac or my Edge 800, the solution is:
        1. Quit Garmin Express
        2. Go to the Garmin Connect website.
        3. Click on the device icon in the top right corner of the Garmin Connect site (it will likely have a small blue notification dot over the icon if there is a problem)
        4. When you click the device icon, you will see Device Settings and user Settings and an "x" to remove the settings
        5. Try removing the "User Settings" by clicking the 'X'
        6. Launch Garmin Express on your Mac and try to sync or install updates again.
        7. If that doesn't work, try removing the "Device Settings" like you did the 'User Settings'
        8. Try to sync/update in Garmin Express again.

        Usually, the culprit is that I made an update to my gear, or profile (such as body weight) on the Garmin Connect website, AND THEN that gets out of sync with the data on my Garmin Edge 800. That triggers the error. If you recently updated your user profile data in any way (age, weight, height, gear, etc.) you will likely see this problem.
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