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How to apply this script to fix the altimeter issue?

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  • How to apply this script to fix the altimeter issue?

    Hi all,

    in another thread a user posted the fix below for a VA3 altimeter issue:

    A simple fix seems to be to trust the gps more than the altimeter, and if the gps altitude is more than say 20% off, reset the altimeter to the gps. So, like this:

    If (gps_active && gps_sats >3) { // gps altitude should be correct
    altitude = gps_sat_alt
    } else if (gps_active && (gps_last_altitude < 2 min ago) ) { //Get rid of outdated data if gps out for an extended period.
    altitude = gps_last_altitude + altitude sensor differential //Really, this should just reset the altitude to the last known good and go from there, but I don't know how they coded it.
    } else {
    altitude = altitude_sensor

    While I understand what is says, I have no idea how the fix is applied. Is it done through the Garmin Connect or Connect iQ apps? And how? Are there instructions anywhere?

    I am not a programmer of any sort btw, but this seems to be the only way to fix the issue.

    dlasky was the creator the script above.

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    I think he's making a suggestion to the Garmin internal development team. I'm pretty sure those fixes are not possible in CIQ apps because CIQ apps do not get to choose the altitude source.