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How to create a screenshot with device image on it?

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  • How to create a screenshot with device image on it?

    I'm probably missing something very obvious here...

    When using simulator's screen capture function File > Save Screen Capture, the output image contains just the screen contents without image of a device itself, and the screenshot is square, although the simulated device had round screen.

    So how do people make those screenshots that also show the device?

    Of course PrtScr is always an option, but it just doesn't seem right.
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    Just take your windows build in screenshot function via "Print"-Button on your keyboard.
    You can now open f.e. MS Paint and paste the screenshot from your clipboard (CTRL+V).

    Or use a tool, like "Snipping Tool" from Win 10
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      There's actually a CIQ specific developer forum:

      But to answer your question, it's PrtScr. I just capture the sim's window and not the whole screen, and then edit that so it's just the device and not the whole window with PaintShop.
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        To echo everyone else and provide context for others reading this thread, it’s ALT + PrtScr in Windows to capture the active window.

        Personally I use the Windows 10 Snipping Tool to capture, since it can save images as a file easily, and you select the active window (or entire screen, or rectangular area). Then I use Paint.NET since it’s a little nicer than Paint. But the workflow with Alt + PrtScr and Paint would work just as well.

        Edit: I just found out that WIN + PrtScr will save the capture to disk. The more you know.... But apparently there's no easy shortcut to save the current window to disk.
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          There's also a screenshot tool from puffolino, not sure if there's an option where you have a portion of the device as well... in case you want to check it out, then you can download that here:
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            That screenshot tool is nice but I prefer to have a portion of the bezel, so I just crop part of the bezel as a circle in Paint.NET.

            What sucks is if you want the whole bezel / watch, it’s pretty much impossible to change the screenshot’s white background to transparent, as it will look terrible along the edges.

            However, the SDK/bin folder contains PNGs of all the watches with transparent backgrounds so anyone who really wants that could overlay the original PNG onto their screenshot.

            EDIT: most of the pngs have transparent backgrounds. Some don’t.

            I almost want to make a tool to do that (grab a screenshot and overlay either the bezel or whole watch with a nice transparent background), but I have a feeling nobody would use it.


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              Thanks everyone for responses! I thought that there must be a tool for making proper screenshots with watch bezel, but apparently such tool doesn't exist at the moment.
              I went with Screeny tool mentioned by peterdedecker and round screenshots without bezel.

              jim_m_58 : my mistake by picking the wrong forum. Thanks for letting know!
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