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help in debuggin my application

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  • help in debuggin my application

    When I purchased my Fenix 5 I just had to develop an for it. I came up with 8 min abs - The problem is that all is almost fine, the app works, I use it BUT after use the watchface that I used has reset to the default one. I restart my device and proper watchface appears back.

    The review at says it reset the device even on Fenix 3.

    I don't get log files from the reset watcface when I connect my device. When I tested on a friends Fenix 3 I got a log file but it only said Unknown symbol. Everything works on the emulator.

    Any ideas how to debug the problem further?

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    There's actually a dedicated Connect IQ Developer Forum and it's best to ask there.

    Check out things like the new developer FAQ. What will probably help is if you have your friend run a debug build (a sideload) on their watch.
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      next to the debug build as suggested by Jim, also create a file ending in txt with the same name as your program inside the log folder, this way you're able to capture the output of System.println() commands.
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        Thank you for all the suggestions. I'll head over to check out the ConnectIQ dev forum and also the sysout logging.