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Geocaching "favorite" on Oregon 700 bis

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  • Geocaching "favorite" on Oregon 700 bis


    Sorry my previous post has been closed, leaving it impossible for me to react to your response or ask for some clarification, dear moderator.
    The issue I am addressing is a missing feature in the Oregon 700, NOT an issue for Geocaching community!
    The feature is foreseen on the app for smartphone of Geocache, but NOT on your device!
    Unless, Garmin does not provide the programming of their own devices, I fail to see why I should address my question to Geocaching community?

    So, my question remains the same: if this is not the correct place, where can I ask for adding this feature to the Oregon 700?
    If this does not exist (I have not found a topic list for Oregon series), maybe it should be created?

    Thanks and greetz,

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    Contact product support then or post here
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