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Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest

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  • Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest

    Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest located in north central Nebraska.

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    I've updated this map. Parts of the image that didn't have any map data have been removed. The file is much smaller, and the lines are all a little crisper.

    I also cut out the inset and put it in a separate jpeg georeferenced in the correct spot on the map. This is an example of using draw order to make one image show on top of another. The main map has a draw order or 0 while the inset has a draw order of 1. This allows this custom map to have more detail in a small area of the map where it is needed.


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      The Map shown above is of the Nebraska National Forest, not the Samuel R McKelvie National Forest. The Samuel R McKelvie National Forest is located to the North & West of the Nebraska National Forest. Just an F.Y.I.