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I want it all (at least get started right)

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  • I want it all (at least get started right)

    I have had 6 or so Garmins and 1 Tomtom and I love the Garmins. My last one died so time for a new one.
    I record snowmobile trails then use gpx2img to create the maps but I want to upgrade.

    I need a new GPS and would like

    to turn off auto zoom ( really does not help when riding trails)
    turn off or choose POIs
    load multiple maps with sims card

    If I create a routable map using Cgpsmapper with a transparent background will I be able to use just that map (or just the trails) to navigate?

    I appreciate any and all help

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    This forum is for the discussion of turning raster imagery (such as a picture of a trail map) into an overlay that can be displayed on certain handheld GPS devices. See for the technical details of using KMZ files, and check out for details on the Garmin Custom Maps process.