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    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know if the Fenix 5x accepts kmz custommaps?

    Thank you,


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      Fenix 5x accepts CustomMaps (.kmz)


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        Originally posted by TRAILTECH View Post
        Here are some more technical details for those who wish to use programs other than Google Earth to make Garmin Custom maps or want to make some more advanced maps.
        • It is ok to have more than one jpeg inside the kmz file.
        • doc.kml, inside the kmz file, is the only kml file that will be processed.
        • Jpegs are the only type of image supported.
        • kmz files are read from \Garmin\CustomMaps directory on both the unit's internal memory and on the sd card.
        • Images over 1 mega pixel (1024x1024 pixels, 512x2048 pixels, etc.) will be rendered at a reduced resolution on the unit. If this is causing a problem for your map, you can split the image and use multiple jpegs inside of one kmz file. Here's an example of a map has an images that has been split into 4 jpegs.
        • Each jpeg should be less than 3MB.
        • The max number of Custom Map jpegs you can load is 100. (500 jpegs on Montana, Oregon 6x0, and GPSMAP 64)
        • The time it take to draw the map is directly proportional to the file size of the jpegs being drawn.
        • These are the xml tags that are processed by the unit:
          <kml xmlns=....>
        Above is the code-example if one image (=1 tile) is used.
        What about if many images (tiles) are used. Should the kml-tag for the container be <Document> oder <Folder>?