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Transfering trails from ArcGIS Earth to Garmin 64s

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  • Transfering trails from ArcGIS Earth to Garmin 64s

    I am a member of a volunteer SAR team in Alaska. Recently, we started using ArcGIS Earth to coordinate rescue operations. The Forest Service gave us some KML files showing every road and established trail in the entire Tongass National Forest to help with our efforts.

    Is there a way for us to transfer these routes from our computer to our 64s? The entire team uses 64s' and would love to have these trails on our GPS units.

    Any help in putting these trails on our units would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    You should be able to import them into BaseCamp then send them to your 64's.
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      What you can do with KML files is convert them to gpx file. With the gpx file you can use JaVaWa ( ) to create img file. This file is a map of the trails that can overlay over other maps.
      I know that QGIS converts KML to gpx, and I will assume that ArcGis does the same. If not, you can use free website GPS Visualizer ( ) to convert KML to gpx file. Let me know if you have any trouble.