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62s map won't display

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  • 62s map won't display

    I've just spent several hours trying to load a map into my 62s for the first time. The device recognizes the map and it is enabled, but I can not get it to display.

    The extent of my knowledge has been to experiment with different .jpeg file sizes and draw order settings. I do know the exact location of the image, so I've been referencing it by typing in the Lat and Long of the four corners.

    Any advice on what to try next will be appreciated.

    Thanks, Craig

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    Depending on th size of your map, maybe you need to zoom in further?

    It may also be that the map s actually too large to be displayed. I don't know what tools you used to create the map, so I cannot help you much there, but I also guess that this is a kmz map and they are limited to 100 tiles!
    sigpic73 de K9CHP, Amir


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      What I read here some time ago helped me. I created a waypoint in the custom map area and went to it.
      The other key thing is to zoom in.
      Depending on ??? (we don't know yet and Garmin isn't clarfiying) -- some custom maps show up ALL of a sudden at different zoom levels. One fellow just posted he did not see his until 500m, whereas my scale bar shows 2km when i start to see it. At 3km scroll bar i cannot see my large 22km long custom map either.


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        Same problem

        I'm having the same problem with my 62s. I've loaded a couple kmzs and it says they're enabled but I can't see them at any zoom level. I have emailed Garmin about this but I haven't heard back. They need to get this fixed. This was one of the main reasons I sprung for the 62 series instead of something cheaper.


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          Try making a map of a small area. See if it works.
          sigpic73 de K9CHP, Amir