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Tracks, Track Segments, Connecting Lines

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  • Tracks, Track Segments, Connecting Lines

    I have a GPX file of various oyster reefs scattered across a bay. Each oyster reef is depicted as a polygonal shape that represents the outline that reef. Some reefs cover a large area, while others are relatively small. All together, there are numerous reefs in this bay.

    Issue: In a Garmin Echomap Plus 94SV (and other Garmin chartplotters), each of the polygonal reef shapes are connected to each other with lines. These connection lines are numerous and they make the reef map unusable.

    Question: How do I get rid of the connecting lines?

    Notes: The Garmin handheld GPS products visually display the reefs without connecting lines. Lowrance GPS chartplotters visually display the reefs without connecting lines. It seems only the Garmin chartplotters have this issue.

    Thoughts? Solutions?
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    While I may be proved wrong you're likely to get little help here, these are mainly user-to-user forums and there is negligible interest in chart plotters. Your best bet would be to call Product Support.
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      I thought this was a Developers Forum where developer types helped each other. Yes, hopefully you will be proved wrong.

      I came to this Garmin Developer's forum for knowledge and expertise because Garmin Product Support is no help.