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Garmin 276Cx Display multiple saved tracks

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  • Garmin 276Cx Display multiple saved tracks

    I just purchased a 276Cx for use in my ATV. This is a replacement for my Rino 650. I have numerous tracks that I saved with my Rino, that I have exported to Base Camp and subsequently imported onto the 276Cx. I am able to display them individually, but I want to display several at once, or even all of them. I don't want to just see a single track I made, since some of the tracks overlay each other. I want to see all of them for an area at once, since this creates a trail map of an area.

    Is this possible with the 276Cx?

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    I have the same question, I want to display sevaral tracks on my new GPS 276CX, it's posible?


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      Yes, its possible.

      Menu>Track select Track and press Enter, then press Menu button and select Show on Map. Now you can select another track and also display them.