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Garmin Communicator Developer Preview

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  • Garmin Communicator Developer Preview

    This is a developer preview version of Garmin Communicator plugin. In other words use it for testing and making sure that the plugin works as expected with your website.

    Developer Preview Downloads Windows Installer for IE and Firefox Mac Installer for Safari and Firefox

    This version of the Garmin Communicator plugin makes the GetBinaryFile function accessible to non-Garmin websites.

    Please reply to this thread.

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    This version of the Garmin Communicator plugin makes the GetBinaryFile function accessible to non-Garmin websites.
    What does GetBinaryFile provide? - I've not downloaded the plugin yet, but it seems to populate gpsDataString / gpsDataStringCompressed


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      getBinaryFile allows you to upload a file (given the relative path to the file) from the customer's device to your website as a UU-encoded string.

      This is useful when you trying to retrieve a file in the file listing provided by a function like startReadFitDirectory.


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        Thanks for getting this out!

        Any word on whether communicator will at some point down the road, parse FIT files? I've got a custom live previewer before a user uploads the data to my site which is great for GPX/TCX devices (they can be parsed by javascript), however falls apart with FIT devices. The thought of binary file processing in javascript is a frightening one...


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          FIT parsing is not supported by the Garmin Communicator today. So if you are reading files from an Edge 500, there is no easy way to get TCX data on the fly.

          But if you are dealing with a FIT device that communicates with the computer using ANT Agent (like FR 60 and FR 310), you can access the TCX files that are made available by ANT Agent.


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            Thanks for releasing this.

            We've now got FIT file upload for the Edge500 working on and would like to extend this to include the javascript version too.

            Is there an update to the javscript communicator API libraries we should be using in order to support this developer preview? Or should code the getBinary calls ourselves?

            Thanks again for releasing this



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              getBinaryFile function is available in the javascript api version 1.7.


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                Can anyone offer any advice or point to some documentation on converting the contents of FIT files from the encoded string that is read by the API into plain text? I've managed to read a FIT file using the getBinaryFile function and have extracted the contents into what looks like a base64 encoded string but I can't seem to convert this to plain text - I've tried submitting the encoded string through various convertors but the output is always jibberish. Does Garmin use a non-standard form of encoding?

                For info, my encoded string starts off like this:

                "begin-base64 644




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                  The FIT file does not contain text. It is a binary file encoded with the .FIT protocol. There is a .FIT SDK available here:

                  There is a forum here: