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  • Communicator and FIT support

    I have been playing with the communicator plugin, and currently have support for a variety of devices, however I am running into a block while trying to support the new Edge 500 cycling computer. The plugin javascript shows that I should be able to read from an Edge 500, but I cannot; I am getting an exception from the plugin itself while calling 'getBinaryFile()', with the exception stating "This web site is not privileged".

    I have traced through both my implementation and the implementation on the Garmin Connect site, and everything is the same. My API key is valid and works for everything else.

    Is anyone able to communicate with the 500 and the new FIT format? I can find no site anywhere that has this functionality implemented, so am starting to fear Garmin is blocking other sites from using that functionality...Either that or I am just missing a blatant bug on my part!

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    The getBinaryFile() function is marked as a privileged function in the current version of the Communicator plugin. This means that a non-garmin website won't be able to use this function. Obviously this is causing issues for third party developers when trying to retrieve FIT files from the Edge 500.

    Garmin is aware of this issue and is planning to fix this in an upcoming release. Please consider providing your customers with a manual way to upload FIT files as a backup solution in the mean time.


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      Ahh, thanks Garmin, for documenting that fact somewhere, it *really* saved my time trying to figure out what was going wrong :\

      Seriously though, what is the motivation behind this? It is obviously working just fine with Garmin Connect, so is this a way to force users of new devices over to the Connect website and away from third parties?


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        Originally posted by REMAGI View Post
        Garmin is aware of this issue and is planning to fix this in an upcoming release.
        There is no hidden agenda here and a fix is in the works, as was clearly stated by remagi.


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          Thanks Jileon, I didn't mean to sound so snide in the previous comment. I probably should have waited a half hour or so to post that, after being frustrated for a couple hours trying to trace through both the javascript on my site and on Garmin Connect.

          Is there any way you can get a note into the javascript source in the relevant sections, or on the documentation page? That info would definitely save the time of some developers. I spent half an hour on Google trying to find any mention of the limitation but came up blank!


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            KALVINLK, thanks for that feedback. The release notes page has been updated to convey this information.


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              Thanks for the prompt reply and update to the docs.


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                This developer preview should fix this issue.