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Garmin Foretrex 401 frozen when GARMIN first page is displayed

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  • Garmin Foretrex 401 frozen when GARMIN first page is displayed


    My Garmin foretrex 401 is frozen after a performing 24 hours race.
    Everything was working as expected when I did connect my GPS to my computer.
    Unfortunately, the Track was not complete (Might be due to the full memory - Overwriting feature) and Base camp MAC was not responsive.
    At this point, I could not eject my GPS properly so I had to unplug it manually. Now my GPS is stuck at the first page displayed (Garmin etc.) and seems to be unresponsive. I absolutely need to recover my GPS and the track inside to provide the results to the race administrators since we won and we generally share our trip with the other participants.
    Could you please help and tell me what to do to recover the track or at least the GPS? Is there a way for you to get access to the GPS in remote?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    It seems I have the same kind of problem. Did you find any solution yet?


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      Unfortunately, I had to send my Garmin foretrex 401 to Garmin support. They could not either save my track or solve this issue. Garmin support finally sent me back a new unit.
      Garmin guys were efficient by replacing it in a week.


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        it would hop and disconnect the power or if the cable is hanging down loose, it would disconnect right away. What can I say.
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          I can still connect to Mapsource from my desktop which runs on XP and I previously used my unit on Vista without problem. I also downloaded GPS Trackmaker (3rd party software) which used to recognise my unit but doesn't in the Windows 7 environment; so it looks rather like a Garmin -v- Windows 7 software compatibility issue.
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            Hello, something happened and I seem to have the same problem.
            The only things I can do now are: Hard reset, which probably works, but then I'm stuck on the Garmin logo screen and pulling the batteries out. Pressing any buttons just gives a short *beep*. Is there anything I can do other than to send the device to some kind of support? It's still on guarantee, but still, I'm worried.
            I'm currently performing the Master Reset and waiting for it to recover after it, just like described here.

            So yeah, I've given it like one hour on my rooftop, and that did nothing. The best I can do is advance it to the "Loading waypoints" screen when I connect it with an USB and perform the Page+UP reset. It still beeps when I press any buttons, so I'm going to give it half an hour to recover.

            Edit: Yep, nothing, I'm gonna try my luck with Garmin technical support and guarantee.
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