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  • Data Field: Peter's (Race) Pacer

    This is the support Thread for the Data Field Peter's (Race) Pacer.

    Setup Guide with pictures:


    Peter's (Race) Pacer resolves 2 issues for me when I'm running a race:
    • Before the race starts I want to see the time of the day (How long till the race starts?)
    • I often pace marathons and it used to be doing mental math all the way, now this is no longer necessary as I can fully depend on the average pace/speed, because this data field allows to correct the distance at the kilometer / mile marker by simply pressing the LAP button
    While the data field's primary intent is to race races, you can also use it to run laps around the track, just set the lap distance to 400 meters and press the lap button as you cross the line!...

    In it's full glory this data field uses about 24kb which is too much to run on the older devices. To enable using the data field on older connect IQ devices I've stripped some functionality from these older watches in order to let them operate within the 16kb limit that Connect IQ 1.x allows. (Items marked with (*ciQ2) are only available on the high memory watches (high memory watches are FR735xt, fenix chronos & fenix5 variants))

    The data field is fully functional as is, yet donations are encouraged on the watch by a small encouragement text.

    Before starting the race an initial data screen is shown (* cIQ2), this screen shows you the following data
    • Time of the day
    • Current heart rate (+ zone indication)
    • Configured Settings Summary (Change these settings in Garmin Express or in the Garmin Connect Android App)
    • Battery Percentage Remaining
    • Gps Signal Strength Indication
    After pressing the START button the race timer will start and a new data screen will be shown, this data screen will show you the following information:
    • top middle configurable field: current heart rate / average pace / average speed / perfect pace / perfect speed (*)
    • row 1 left configurable field: average pace / average speed / current heart rate / perfect pace / perfect speed
    • row 1 middle configurable field: speed, smooth speed (5s average), smooth speed (10s average), pace, smooth pace (5s average), smooth pace (10s average)
    • time ahead / behind
    • race timer
    • (adjusted) distance covered (see adjusting distance explanation below)
    • estimated time of arrival
    After Activity in Garmin Connect (*cIQ2)
    • When you opt to record the ahead Time to the FIT track an extra graphic is shown in Garmin Connect
    Perfect Pace / Perfect Speed
    This field recalculates as you run and gives you the pace you need to run to arrive at the finish with 0 seconds behind / ahead (eg if you run a 10k race and want to arrive in 1 hour (avg pace=6:00min/km), currently you're at the 7k point in 41:30, which means you're 30 seconds ahead, the perfect pace will thus show the value 6:10 (min/km) as you can run the next 3k 10 seconds slower to still get in time at the finish line)

    Distance Adjustment
    When you press the LAP button the on screen distance is adjusted to the nearest LAP SIZE (eg 5.31k will be adjusted to 5k if the lap size is 1000 meters).
    When you press the LAP button by mistake you have 30 seconds to undo the last correction (just press the LAP button again)

    When you miss a mile/kilometer marker, don't worry DO NOT PRESS THE LAP button and wait for the next kilometer/mile marker and press the LAP button there.

    Adjusting the distance has no influence on the recorded distance (In Garmin Connect when you come back home you will see the real recorded GPS distance, yet of course you will be able to determine based on the lap marker postions where the LAP markings really were)...

    • Train with the data field before you race with it so you're used to the layout!
    • Have a backup second datascreen layout, in case the field crashes you can switch to the native data screen layout
    • If you have a Connect IQ 1.x device consider the application option to enjoy all features of Peter's (Race) Pacer:
    Tested on real FR735XT, all other devices were tested in the simulator.
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    Intro Screen (as on FR735XT)

    Main Screen:
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      Peter's (Race) Pacer Version History:
      4.5 added support for descent mk1, fixed potential 'long' conversion problem when syncing through GCM
      4.4 memory usage optimizations, fixed pace conversion rounding, fixed smooth speeding algorithm on connect iq 1 devices
      4.3.1 fixed crash on ciq1 devices when calculating smooth speed
      4.3 partial rewrite to reduce memory consumption, default target distance is set to marathon, text color of HR and Behind text will be white when there is a dark background
      4.2.1 fix background color indicator
      4.2 Added choice for configurable fields: cadence and power (connect iq 2 devices only, for power to show something your device need to support bike power meters)
      4.1 Fixed calculations for people that used mixed statute/metric units for pace and distance
      4.0 configurable fields reviewed/memory consumption improvement.
      3.5.3 vivoactive: removed labels from top row to improve readability of the screen
      3.5.2 Changed layout of initial screen of fr935, fenix 5 & fenix 5x
      3.5 added support for the approach s60
      3.4 added lap pace/lap speed, fixed target speed setting on vivoactive hr, added initial screen for vivoactive hr
      3.3 ignore autolap distance corrections, applied the new fonts for fenix chronos, fixed pace calculation from target finish time, corrected initial screen settings for fenix 5, fenix 5x, fenix 5s & fenix chronos.
      3.2 added support for FR935, gave extra space to middle field on F5
      3.1.2 bugfix: converting a 0:00 pace to speed resulted in an error
      3.1.1 added option for row 1 left field (hr %max)
      3.1 added support for edge devices, oregon 7 and rhino (not sure if the latter have lap buttons though...)
      3.0 added support for rectangular watches vivoactive, vivoactive hr & fr920xt
      2.0.1: fixed perfect pace calculation
      2.0 added support for round watches D2 bravo (titanium), fenix 3 (hr), fenix 5, fenix chronos
      improved computation processing
      optimized memory
      1.3.3: show single field layout warning
      1.3: reviewed memory consumption to be able to add the perfect pace functionality. Added configurable top middle field, can contain one of the following items: time, avg pace, avg speed, heart rate, perfect pace or perfect speed. In Row 1 left field Perfect pace and Perfect Speed is also a configurable option right now. Removed extreme left and extreme right fields from low memory devices, made the appearance of extreme top left & extreme top right field configurable onthe 735 XT, Shortened ON TARGET text to PERFECT, fixed target speed setting for high memory devices. Changed the settings pages (if you can not choose the new settings values you may need to remove the app and reinstall it)
      1.2.8 changed aheadTime coloring to go red immediately when behind target
      1.2.5 made targetDistCustom and lapSize a number instead of a float, reduce memory footprint by always doing calculations regardless of active timer. (DUE TO A SETTINGS CHANGE FROM float TO number YOU NEED TO REMOVE THE DATAFIELD AND THEN REINSTALL IT (upgrade does not work))
      1.2 added option to record ahead/behind time to seperate data track in the FIT file (*cIQ2 - only for high memory devices)
      1.1.3 fix settings for FR235
      1.1.2: variable initializations
      1.1: Added support for FR230, FR235, FR630
      1.0: Initial version supporting the FR735XT
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        Thanks, that looks like a great DF, will be installing ASAP! I'd been using the Race for the Gold app for a while because of the distance correction (it was the first app to have that feature) but did note some inconsistencies in the "time ahead/behind" field with some big swings towards the end of a marathon.

        With your DF, the "Time Ahead/Behind" is calculated/updated for the distance actually covered right ?

        Nice idea to cater to both CIQ2 and CIQ1.3 devices, talking of which, any plans for a Vivoactive HR version ?

        EDIT - Ok, installed but can't figure out what the top left field (to the left of TOD) displays on my FR235, average pace maybe ?
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          top left field is configurable in the settings via garmin express or android app: it can be gps accuracy (*ciq2) / average pace / average speed or current heart rate. the default is set to average pace, personally I set this to average speed. I'll probably add an option to leave that space just blank as well...
          top right is the remaining battery level
          I had no space to foresee these items of a label.

          time ahead/behind, eta, average speed and average pace all take into account the adjusted distance, so yes it should be pretty accurate (if the mile/kilometer markers are accurate )

          yes, more devices will be supported in the future, including the Vivoactive HR.
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            Thanks, it must be something with the FR235 version then because I can't see a way of setting that very top left field :

            Average pace corrected for the distance by default would be useful in any case. Race for the Gold and a previous DF (with no lap correction) showed the "Pace needed to meet the goal" but I didn't find it as helpful as an accurate Ahead/Behind Time. It might put the DF over its memory allocation anyway?

            I was wondering if it could be used to run intervals on the track where GPS devices notoriously overestimate the distance by about 3% but there would have to be a way to set the end of the interval and lapping at each 400 to correct the distance would create laps in Garmin Connect...Adding up seconds in your head is probably easier and if you can still do the math it's a sign you're still in a reasonable shape ;-)


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              I've uploaded a new version where you should be able to choose what to set as topleftRow field.

              ... "Pace needed to meet the goal" but I didn't find it as helpful as an accurate Ahead/Behind Time. It might put the DF over its memory allocation anyway?
              memory is tight for the old devices, I've got peaks to 15.5k now. About 0.5k to work with
              If you're behind you need to speed up, if you're ahead you can slow down.

              I was wondering if it could be used to run intervals on the track where GPS devices notoriously overestimate the distance by about 3% but there would have to be a way to set the end of the interval and lapping at each 400 to correct the distance would create laps in Garmin Connect...Adding up seconds in your head is probably easier and if you can still do the math it's a sign you're still in a reasonable shape ;-)
              it's not designed for that purpose, but yes you can set the lap size to 400 meters and manual lap at the starting line.
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                Thanks, I now have an entry to choose the top left info and I chose...average speed ;-) I'll give it a try during an easy run this afternoon, might go back on the track tomorrow for an MPace session and lap every 1000 meters as I don't have another place (like a bike track with marks) where the distance is known.

                Have you used it during a race yourself with your FR735 ?


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                  I use it all the time on my training sessions to test it.
                  I've also used it on one event (that had kilometer markers) where I had to pace at 9k/h and at the same time also seek my route via a gpx file as it was unknown territory for me. No real race conditions at that speed, but the switching back and forth to the course screen made it challenging. In the end I was right on target and my group of followers was still with me, so was pleased...

                  I've uploaded a new version:
                  Added the ability to record the ahead Time to the FIT file which will give an additional graphic on Garmin Connect so that you can analyse afterwards where you were on track:

                  Only applies for the high memory watches, memory space was too tight on the 16k watches to add it...

                  Because of the new functionality a new permission is requested "Fit Contributor - Write extra data to fit files"
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                    That's a nice addition, wish I wasn't stuck with that lowly FR235 ! Well there might be an upgrade to the F5 in my future so maybe that will fix this problem ;-)

                    EDIT - seems I've found a problems in the settings. I was trying to use a custom distance to time my outing to exactly 45' but when I enter a distance in the "Custom Distance" field it doesn't get memorized, it stays at 42195. Also if "Custom" is selected in "Target Distance" I get the IQ Crash screen. If I go back to 10k and deselect/reselect Race Pacer it works again.

                    EDIT 2 - back from my run and have some random thoughts :

                    - Ran into another problem, the CIQ crash screen when each lap got triggered (autolap or manual lap). Reselecting the field made it come back to life with the info intact.

                    - Other than that it seemed to give correct Ahead/Behind data even though I couldn't get the heading to change from green but sitting at home I see it changes when you're 10 seconds behind. I think I'd make it turn red as soon as you're behind for instant info in the heat of the action.

                    - Not sure if it can be added in a DF (most likely not) but the Race4theGold app has a nifty vibration warning when you're 100 meters away from the next KM marker.

                    - The 5 center fields were easy to read while running but not the top left field. Maybe we could lose the battery percentage and the TOD to use as much room as possible for the info up there ?


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                      ok thanks for your feedback.

                      I also got the error on the custom distance, I've changed the CustomDistance to a number now instead of a float, which seems to resolve that issue. an upgrade of the data field did however not work I had to uninstall the data field and then download the data field from the store again.

                      I don't get crashes on lapping but I've reviewed the code to reduce the memory footprint and reviewed all datatypes so that they are of the same type. Maybe that might solve the issue on the FR235? (You can try lapping while you're in the house as well, to see if it still crashes...)

                      Not sure about the vibration either, but let's first try to get rid of the IQ warning...

                      The battery percentage and the average I considered as extra's, since I had some room left on the left and right...

                      (Be sure to first remove the datafield and then redownload it.)
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                        Great, removed and reinstalled :
                        - custom distance issue fixed
                        - no more CIQ crash screen when lapping at my desk

                        Got it for the "bonus" info, I think the "Average Pace" would be more useful on the a race screen than the TOD unless there are memory use issues. What do you think of changing the red in the Ahead/Behind field as soon as you're behind?

                        Should be able to try it during my MPace tempo session on the track tomorrow.


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                          custom lapsizes also caused an "IQ" issue, i've also changed lapSize to a number instead of a float, so again you'll need to remove and reinstall, sorry about that...
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                            Limits on FR235?

                            Hi, I've been playing with the DF for a couple of days now. I really like the layout, but it seems I'm not able to use all the features with my FR235. E.g. There's no initial data screen before I start the run. I know that's something you removed from older devices because of memory limitations. But I'm assuming this shouldn't be the case with the FR235. Maybe I'm wrong there?

                            When I look at the app in connect IQ, it lists the size as 15kb.


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                              Hi glad you like the field.

                              Believe me if it weren't necessary I wouldn't remove functionality. in fact I had to put in a lot of extra effort and go the extra mile to use advanced coding techniques such as build exclusions just to be able to build it for the fr230, fr235 and fr630 which all have only 16KB of memory space available.

                              The figure you see in the connect iq app store is the size it takes on disk, not the total amount of memory it will consume (you also need space to store variables and such...)

                              The image above shows how the app shows on a fr735xt (19.65k disk size) but it's the peak memory that is the important number, in the case of the fr735xt this can not exceed 26k, in the case of the fr235 this can not exceed 16k (I've crammed in the maximum as it's very tight with peaks till 15.7k).

                              @webvan: I'll think you have a point it should be red as soon as it's behind, I'll change that in the next version
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