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  • Hi,
    Let me get this straight. The IoTClient Widget does not work with Openhab2 for controlling switches. Is that correct?

    The reason is that the Openhab REST API uses the HTTP Data field for it's POST command which makes impossible to send a command via a single URL call. The data field needs to be set but it can't be set via a single URL call (that the IoTClient require) but It can be set by using cURL, jquery, python and so on.
    From the openhab documentation ( ) the cURL example looks like this:
    curl --header "Content-Type: text/plain" --request POST --data "ON"
    So the --data "ON" is he problem with openhab rest API...or am I wrong here?
    (Some post suggested using classicui instead of rest but I don't have it enabled in my openhab system and don't understand if people got it working with that.)



    • Hi,
      when I try to enter a URL and save, I get the attachted error message. I use a Forerunner 645 Music with Firmware 3.70.
      It seems happen only when i enter a url with ip adress lik
      If I replace the ip with a hostname i don't get this error. but my hardware is not reachable by hostname due to my router.

      Any hints?
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      • Stenninger. Great App!! Is there any plan to make the app use wifi direct from the garmin? I am using an edge 820. This would be awesome for my use case where i only want to the garage door when in wifi range. Iphone seems to take a while to find the wifi in standby mode. if I power on the phone, it instantly connects to wifi then i can use your widget. little annoying that i need to reach to my phone every time to use the widget.



        • Hello

          Is it possible to send a header too with authorization bearer token?
          If not is it possible to make a widget that can?